Oliver Linsenmaier

Project Manager | Product Manager | Gadget Geek

I am Oliver, a Munich-based IT manager, originally from Stuttgart. In my current position as Senior Project Manager in Sky Deutschland's Technology department I am responsible for hardware related projects, as well as middleware and applications for Sky+ receivers in Germany and Austria. The latest finalized projects are the 2TB external hard disc and     Sky Home for Sky+ receivers.

After receiving my Master's degree in Software Technology in Stuttgart 2007, I worked as Product Manager at Nero for five years. Before and during my studies I also gained significant experience in the automotive sector, working for Bosch and Daimler Chrysler.

In my free time, I am a passionate consumer of movies, TV series, and music. To balance this, my favourite sports include running, playing beach volleyball and supporting my favourite football team VfB Stuttgart. During the winter, my favourite pastime is to go snowboarding with friends. During my spare time I am working on some private gadget/geek projects around XMBC, OwnCloud, RaspberryPi and Sonos.

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